Lincs Offshore Windfarm

Q1400 Subsea Cable TrencherLINCS Offshore Windfarm Array Cable and Export Cable Installation 2010-13

6SConsult was contracted to project manage and engineer the main lay of the export cable installation in 2011. This work included cable route survey and engineering. The role was extended to include project management and engineering of the export cable jointing and the installation of the second shore end at Port Sutton Bridge in 2011/12. Further contract extensions in 2012, included the project management of the array cable installation and  burial, substation cable pulling, remedially burial and jointing of the transition joints in the joint bays. The project was completed in 2013 and final work included OFTO transfer of the export cable to Transmission Capital Partners.

The 270 MW windfarm comprises 75 Siemens SWT 3.6120 3.6MW turbines connected to an offshore substation with 75 x 630 & 185sqmm array cables, manufactured by Nexans Hanover. The substation is connected to the grid via 2 x 45km 132kV 630sqmm copper export cables, manufactured by Nexans Noirway. Array Cable Installation was started by Technip and completed by CTO, Fugro and Reef late 2012. Export cable was installed by Technip in 2010 2012 and shore end work was completed by Technip, Christoffers and GME. Included OFTO transfer to TCP.